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Neucel Specialty Cellulose Receives Funding from Federal Government Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program

PORT ALICE, BC (July 14, 2011) – Neucel Specialty Cellulose has received $6.46mm in funding from the Federal Government's Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program (PPGTP) in support of several capital projects in Power and Recovery that are aimed at increasing energy efficiency and improving the mill's environmental footprint. "This funding will help solidify Neucel position as a highly competitive supplier of specialty dissolving pulp on a global scale, and we are appreciative of the Federal Government support", said Bob Taylor, Neucel's President and Chief Executive Officer.

About Neucel Specialty Cellulose Ltd.
Neucel produces hemlock based high-purity chemical cellulose that is used in a wide range of manufacturing processes including rayon filament for garments, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, film, food thickeners, LCD screens and other products. Neucel is owned by Zhejiang Fulida Ltd. the largest producer of viscose rayon fiber in China. For more information on Neucel, visit the company website at

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