Supply Chain

The scale and diversity of activity at Neucel Specialty Cellulose generates incoming and outgoing requirements for goods, services and logistics that are significant and varied. We require goods and services for our daily operational manufacturing needs as well as long-term capital programs and activities. We also provide specialty cellulose products for shipment to customers across the globe.

In the case of both inbound and outbound suppliers, we look for goods, services and logistics that are reliable, competitive and exhibit integrity and long-term value. Neucel works closely with local business by purchasing goods and services to the extent feasible on a cost and quality basis.

Please see our Supply Chain Policies and Procedures (6 MB pdf) for detailed information about confidentiality, applications, code of conduct and more.


At Neucel Specialty Cellulose, we inventory thousands of items that directly support our mill’s day-to-day operations. These items range anywhere from safety equipment and electrical equipment, mill spare parts, instrumentation, oils / lubricants, bearings, pipe valves / fittings, chemicals (e.g. ammonia, caustic, chlorine, chlorate, lime, methanol, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, sulfur etc.), bunker C fuel oil, and expenditures for capital projects ranging from computer software systems to specific mill equipment and more. Scheduled inbound shipments are transported by either truck or barge from origin point to Port Alice, BC.

Please click on the links below to view our procurement documents.

Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Goods and Services (2.2 MB PDF)
Contractor Conditions (21 KB PDF)

PST Exemption Certificate


The location and characteristics of our manufacturing facility at Port Alice, BC permits us to ship our specialty cellulose wood pulp products to customers around the world, year round in one of three shipping modes.

The pulpmill includes a deep seaport with year round ice-free access right at the pulp mill.  We have contract a monthly break-bulk vessel service for the finished goods shipment. Neucel provides contracted stevedoring services ASV to its service providers.

Contracted ocean going enclosed barges can accommodate either finished goods outbound and/or packaged equipment and chemicals inbound.

In addition, tridem trucking is available from Port Alice, BC to Vancouver, BC and beyond. We retain a public distribution centre in Vancouver, BC for the receipt of and distribution of our ocean barge shipments by both tandem and tridem trucking distribution; rail distribution (high capacity rail equipment and intermodal distribution capabilities) with either a U.S. or Canadian National rail carrier.

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Our Supply Chain Team provides our customers, suppliers, and service providers with individual attention, fast response, technical support, and customized solutions to ensure business success. Supply chain inquires can be made by using our info request form.

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