Regional Development

Quatsino First Nations

Neucel Specialty Cellulose and the Quatsino First Nations maintain a mutually respectful and economically sustainable relationship. The Quatsino have supported Neucel’s presence as an economic foundation for the Port Alice community and in the Tri-Port Community region. The Quatsino First Nations forestry company is in its 20th year of operations with Neucel purchasing a major portion of the annual hemlock production.

The Quatsino have supported the transfer of water licenses to Neucel and reduced storage fees, while Neucel has encouraged Quatsino members to compete for job postings. The Quatsino and Neucel have worked together to develop hiring standards that acknowledge valuable traditional knowledge and work experience equivalences to standard ‘formal’ qualifications.

North Vancouver Island

Neucel Specialty Cellulose actively participates in the economic development of North Vancouver Island.

  • Coastal Pulp and Paper Working Group – working with other coastal pulp companies, unions and government agencies on issues relevant to coastal industry operations and interests.
  • Truck Logger’s Association - address many issues relevant to fair stumpage rates, economical access to timber and relationship-building between industry and First Nations.
  • Operational Issues Forum - working with government to improve interaction and legislative changes in industry efficiency, while supporting community interests.
  • Timber Sale Advisory Council - working with government and industry to ensure viable timber sales policies.
  • Chip Export Advisory Council - working with government and industry in a vetting process that determines prudent distribution of excess chips and hog fuel.
  • British Columbia Pulp and Paper Task Force - working with government, industry and community on keys issues such as municipal taxation and green funding transformation.
  • Federal Member of Parliament – working together on interests that involve trade, training, forestry, environment and port security and gained access to the Business Captial Assistance Program and the Business Development Program.
  • Provincial Ministry of Forest - working together on interests that involve training and forestry practices.
  • Canada Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program - Neucel will upgrade its steam generating systems with the use of biomass and resultant reduction of fossil fuels. As well, we have tightened the mill operations to reduce our environmental impact.
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