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Why Neucel?

With Neucel Specialty Cellulose’s incorporation as a company in 2006, the Port Alice pulp mill has been manufacturing specialty cellulose for more than 85 years. Neucel is actively working to meet or exceed its customer’s requirements, and today is a leading global supplier with a wide range of dissolving woodpulp grades for most end use applications.

Neucel is committed to the future of the dissolving woodpulp markets through strategic investments in infrastructure, technology, quality control and our skilled employees. 

Reliable Supply

Neucel is able to present its customers a quality product and reliable on time shipments due to an abundant renewable raw material supply, flexibility in process grade changes, and an effective global supply chain.

Sustainable Fibre

Neucel is unique in offering specialty cellulose products based on a sustainable source of western hemlock and its own chipping facility. Western hemlock has proven to be an ideal raw material from which to manufacture all grades of viscose, acetate, ethers and nitrate. With Neucel’s own chipping facility, we can control our chip quality and are tailored to meet the requirements of our customers’ various end use products.

Neucel has Chain of Custody certification for the fibre supply chain.  Chain of Custody (COC) is a process for tracking forest products from their place of origin through all stages of transfer and production to the final consumer as an end product.  This Chain of Custody program is registered to the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). This program is dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification.

PEFC certification allows us to provide assurance to our customers that the wood fiber we use comes from sources using sustainable forestry practices. PEFC works throughout the entireforest supply chain to promote good practice in the forest and ensures that our products come from fibre harvested with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.PEFC is the world’s largest certification program.

See: Chain of Custody Policy

Quality Assurance 

Neucel’s strategic investments in its manufacturing facility ensure continuous improvements in production performance and product quality control. Implementation of advanced control systems ensures consistent quality and smooth production.

A recent acquisition of a new electronic software system will permit analytical results to be distributed online and stored electronically for up-to-date information and full traceability.

Neucel’s on-site laboratory implements quality control at all key points in the production process and performs numerous daily process and product analyses to ensure that we produce and deliver the highest product quality. In addition, off-site laboratories are utilized on an as-required basis.  All of our quality control methods are based on recognized ISO 9001 International Standards.

Quality Control

Neucel has a certified Quality Management System (QMS) certified to the ISO 9001 standard. The scope of Neucel’s ISO 9001 registration and quality management system applies to the manufacture and distribution of dissolving sulphite woodpulp.

This certification is a commitment by Neucel recognizing our customer requirements and to plan, produce and deliver products tailored-made to the customer’s specification.  Neucel is committed to having only controlled and approved materials delivered to our customers.

Environment Investment

Neucel invests in its plant to ensure that compliance with all provincial and federal emissions permits and standards. Neucel also works with government agencies to systematically reduce its impact on the environment.

Technical Expertise

Neucel has personnel strategically located giving our customers rapid direct access to the Neucel’s Sales, Technical and Supply Chain personnel. Together with other team members in Production and Quality Control, this strong team has a high competence to address any issues and implement an optimal solution.

Sales Documents

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Sales Contract
Terms and Conditions for Woodpulp Sales (32 kb pdf)

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Our Global Sales Team provides customers with individual attention, fast response, immediate availability of technical support, and a willingness to customize solutions to meet their needs. Sales and technical inquires can be made using our info request form.


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