About Neucel

Neucel Specialty Cellulose Ltd is an aggressive player in the global market for specialty cellulose products. We are currently making strategic investments to increase our production capacity, further improve our cost competitiveness, and continue the enhancement of our specialty products in order to deliver a distinct competative advantage to our customers.  We aim to set the ‘gold standard’ in the manufacturing of dissolving specialty cellulose.

Port Alice, BCNeucel is a privately-held Canadian corporation located in Port Alice, British Columbia, Canada. We are a local company with a long global reach. Our manufacturing facility is located on Vancouver Island; our sustainable and renewable fibre is harvested locally; we employ local residents and help sustain our local economies. Our product is produced locally, but is sold globally. In contrast, our customer base reaches as far as Asia, Europe and throughout North America.

We are one of the world’s top suppliers with the capacity to manufacture up to 195,000 metric tons of specialty cellulose woodpulp per year. We encourage newcomers from all areas of the globe to join our exceptional team, share the striking beauty of North Island life and enrich our corporate dynamic.

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Fundamental to Neucel’s goal of being the premier supplier of dissolving woodpulp across our diverse market place is our focus on improving the reliability of every part of our value chain – from our suppliers through our manufacturing process and the delivery of finished products to our customers. This focus is grounded in a set of principles, themes, and tools that are integral to every part of our enterprise. Whether we are referring to our raw materials supply chain, product quality, process equipment operation, or employee qualifications - Reliability and an Innovative “Can Do” attitude are front-and-centre at every level of our company.  

What Makes Us Unique

Our Product

At Neucel, our customers can attest that we produce some of the best cellulose in the market. Western Hemlock, second to no other wood species in the world, produces the best dissolving woodpulp for many end use applications. Over 80 percent of Neucel specialty and commodity cellulose is made from Western Hemlock.

Contrary to common industry practice, we do not use residual wood chips from sawmills as our source of fiber. We believe product quality derived from fibre source can be sporadic, depending on the quality and wood species used by any given sawmill. Neucel procures the highest quality whole logs. Neucel chips our own logs in order to maintain tight quality control over the most important aspect of dissolving pulp – the wood used to start the process.

Our production process also contains several unique batch components that allow us to impart special quality characteristics to our woodpulp. We also have access to the world’s purest water, ensuring our woodpulp is contaminant-free.

All of these advantages combine to ensure a superior quality dissolving woodpulp for all our customers.

Our Values

At Neucel all employees are united around a common purpose of achieving supplier excellence through improving reliability of every component in the value chain. We do not define our worth by title or position – but rather by what we do – combined with a sense of urgency. Together, we do what it takes to manufacture and deliver an excellent product tailored to customer needs. These values drive our commitment to produce superior products and service for our customers.

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